​​Income Accelerator: The Ultimate Solution for Generating Additional Revenue


Unlocking Financial Success: AltFunds Global is proud to provide access to an Exclusive Forex Program

Are you a business owner grappling with the challenge of optimising your financial assets to secure a prosperous future? AltFunds Global understands the intricacies of your situation and presents an exclusive opportunity designed with you in mind.

Challenges You Face:
As a business owner, you are constantly searching for secure and lucrative investment opportunities. However, the financial landscape can be uncertain, with many investments offering little more than risks and uncertainties. It’s vital to preserve your hard-earned assets while ensuring they continue to work for you. This conundrum calls for a smart solution tailored to your unique circumstances.

How The Program Can Help:
The Income Accelerator Forex Program is the answer to your financial challenges. Here’s how:

Security and Assurance: The program ensures your deposit, exceeding $1.1 million, is backed by a reputable Canadian Financial Institution, providing you with unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Monthly Payouts: Unlike traditional investments, the program offers monthly payouts, creating a steady income stream that can support your financial goals and business endeavours.

Experienced Guidance: You’ll collaborate with an experienced Forex trader who possesses the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the Forex market successfully.

This program is specifically tailored for business owners like you, offering the perfect balance between security and profitability. It’s time to make your assets work for you in a secure and lucrative way.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to secure your financial future. Take the next step towards financial success by scheduling a consultation call with AltFunds Global at Book a Consultation Call. Join us today, and let’s embark on a journey towards financial prosperity, together.

Illustrative Scenario

Entrepreneur Sarah faced a pivotal crossroads. With dreams of expanding her thriving business, she hesitated about risking her prized assets. She sought a solution that would marry growth and security. The answer? The Income Accelerator Program!

Forex Challenge:
Sarah was on the lookout for an alternative revenue channel. A Forex-driven solution that could bolster her business reserves, act as a buffer in economic lows and deter any need to liquidate her precious assets.

Forex Solution with AltFunds Global:
In synergy with a prominent Canadian financial institution and a specialized Forex Trading Software Group, AltFunds Global tailored a Forex trading strategy for Sarah.
Forex Expertise: AltFunds Global gave Sarah access to the best in the Forex industry. Every move was strategic, compliant, and optimized for Forex trading using the Trading Forex Software.
Forex-Driven Liquidity: Sarah channelled part of her capital into a Forex program, insured against risks. This Forex initiative generated monthly returns, becoming a reservoir for her business ventures.

Secured Forex Investments: AltFunds Global’s Forex strategies ensured minimal risks, prioritizing Sarah’s assets and ensuring compliance with Forex regulations and best practices.

Forex Outcome:
AltFunds Global transformed Sarah’s business through Forex. She realized her expansion aspirations, solidified her financial foundation, and preserved her assets, all under the umbrella of strategic Forex trading with AltFunds Global. Embrace the Forex revolution, as Sarah did with AltFunds Global by her side.


To embark on this venture:

  • A minimum deposit of $1.1 million USD.
  • Adhere to accredited investor standards stipulated under US SEC Rule 501 Reg D, Canada’s NI 45-106, or analogous international regulations.
  • Maintain a corporate net worth of over $2.1 million.>/li>


Expanding Revenue Horizons:

    • Diversify your income sources and unlock the potential for multiple streams of revenue.

Full Autonomy Over Your Trading Account:

    • Seize complete, unfiltered control over your trading account, making strategic decisions with independence and precision.

Direct and Personalized Relationship with Your Trader:

    • Establish a direct and personalized connection with your experienced trader, fostering clear communication and tailored trading strategies.

Unique Features

  • Security Beyond Measure: Rest assured, any capital exceeding $1.1 million enjoys the rock-solid protection of a Canadian Financial Institution.
  • Direct Trader Access: You hold the reins with direct access to your trader, eliminating unnecessary layers of communication.
  • Monthly Profit Payouts: Enjoy the fruits of your investments on a regular basis with monthly payouts, ensuring a steady stream of returns.

With AltFunds Global, you’re not just a participant; you’re in control, secure, and on the path to consistent profits.


  1. Consultation Call: Schedule your one-on-one consultation. Please ensure you’re ready with proof of funds and a clear outline of your capital needs.

  2. Documentation: Review and sign AFG’s mutual Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention agreements. Complete the ‘Know Your Client’ forms to maintain transparency and trust.

  3. Forex Trading Group Introduction: Dive into the world of Forex. Familiarize yourself with the trading group’s cutting-edge software, their extensive expertise, and their performance track record.

  4. Banking Touchpoint: Once all your queries are addressed, a representative from a reputable Canadian bank will discuss the process of securing your deposit and guide you on account setup with their institution.

  5. Final Steps: Await a contract from the Canadian bank. After thoroughly reviewing and feeling confident about the provided details, proceed to sign the contract and transfer your funds securely.

  6. Trading Commences: After ensuring your deposit, your trading account will be activated. Your investment will be allocated for trading.

  7. Returns: In just about 30 banking days, look forward to seeing returns flow into your trading account.

  8. Embark on a journey of growth and security with AFG guiding you at every step!

Essential Documentation For Us to Get Started

AltFunds Global’s Customer Information Sheet (CIS) / Know Your Client (KYC).
Mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvent agreement (NDA/NCA).


$100k USD for Insurance provision and admin fees
2% new funds fee charged by the Forex trader
30% performance fee on profits monthly charged by the Forex trader
AFG collects a marketing fee from the Forex trader, ensuring a transparent fee structure.

Commission to brokers

The Forex trade platform charges 30% of the profits it generates. If it doesn’t produce any profits, it doesn’t charge anything. Brokers earn 5-10% of the 30% monthly profit share fees from direct referrals, and 5% of the 30% monthly profit share from secondary referrals. Broker commissions are channelled monthly from the trader into the broker’s IAP account.


A long-term engagement, with a recommended commitment of at least six months for substantial trading results.


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