Access a new source of income by a trusted provider – ALTFunds Global.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Marketing our services to qualified, successful business owners with who you have an existing relationship with
  • Following up with clients for their paperwork and helping them complete the process required to access capital.

Services description including but not limited to providing:

  1. Identifying customers interested in our services. They include:
    1. Purchasing or monetizing funding instruments (SBLCs, BGs, DLCs, etc.)
    2. Private Placement Programs (PPP)
    3. Providing lines of credit, loans, etc. through established banks and registered dealer brokers.
  2. Once the client(s) are interested in any of our services, you can sign up as a broker. During the signup process you will be required to:
    1. Review & sign our mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and NCA (Non-Circumvent agreement). This ensures the information your client provides to us is kept confidential and provides a non-circumvent agreement between us.
    2. Review and sign our marketing fee agreement. This ensures your fees are fully protected and paid by the paymaster upon the completion of a successful transaction.
    3. Upload the client’s paperwork (Examples could include client’s KYC, proof of funds, or copy of the asset they want to monetize, etc.)
    4. Schedule a consultation call with a member of our team to answer any questions you may have as well as invite the client to participate in the consultation call with you.
    5. Ensure the client has all of the required paperwork and follow up with them to ensure it’s been submitted back to us.
    6. Schedule & participate in any follow up calls between us and the client.

To get started as a broker, please click the button below

To get started as a broker, please click the button below.