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For those who prefer a do-it-yourself approach and want access to the same documents and background checks used in successful credit applications, we offer the option to purchase them below.

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Items Available for Purchase:

SBLC Samples

Structured Finance Demystified:

Mastering The Art of Creating and Managing Customized Financial Solutions

Are you tired of feeling intimidated and confused by the world of structured finance? Look no further than ‘Structured Finance Demystified,’ the comprehensive guide to understanding this complex and often misunderstood industry.

Written by Taimour Zaman, this book breaks down the key concepts and terminology in an easy-to-understand manner, allowing you to unlock the potential of structured finance for your business or personal investments. With real-world examples and case studies, you’ll learn how to confidently navigate the world of asset-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations, and other structured products.

Whether you’re a seasoned finance professional or a newcomer to the industry, ‘Structured Finance Demystified’ is the must-have guide for anyone looking to demystify structured finance and unlock its potential.

SBLC Samples

Standby Letter of Credit Samples

Want to get the highest Loan To Value (LTV) for your SBLC? Do you know the secrets of preparing an SBLC to ensure your financial institution will give you the highest LTV possible? Order four actual samples that our clients have used successfully. It also includes the keywords your application must include for success.

Cost: $1,197

Pre-Advice Service Samples

Pre-Advice Service Samples

Purchase sample ‘pre-advice’ for sending via email or Swift system (MT999/799) from issuing bank and ‘pre-advice’ response sent from receiving bank.

A pre-advice message is sent between two banks involved in a transaction to ensure the safety of the wire transfers when large sums of money are involved. It is issued by one bank to another bank notifying the issuance of credit and advising the receiving bank to send their acknowledgement.

The advising bank will notify the beneficiary bank that they have sent the instrument. The main objective of the message is to reconfirm that all the details provided by the recipient are correct before the wire transfer and get assured that the beneficiary has a way to withdraw money from the bank.

Cost: $197

MT-760 Verbiage Sample

MT-760 Verbiage Sample

Purchase the actual verbiage financial institutions use to monetize various bank instruments. This language will help you obtain credit funding.

Cost: $197

Background Check / Asset Confirmation

Background Check / Asset Confirmation

Use this service to confirm the value of your asset (bank instrument, hard asset) and asset ownership. Used with private equity firms, banks and private placement platforms to help obtain additional funding and confirm that the asset and ownership have been authenticated.
All background checks are conducted by former FBI or CIA agents.

To get started, please fill out your contact information here.

Once you submit your information, an autoresponder will provide you with a step by step instructions to make a complete payment.
You will also be prompted to send information about the asset, corporation, or individual you want to investigate.

Once payment has been received, an agent will be notified and begin working on your file; you can expect a report in 10 banking days.

Cost: $3,000

Platform Background Check

Platform Background Check

Conduct a deep background check on your lender, monetizer or private placement platform to verify their authenticity and validity.

Avoid fraudulent firms and keep your business and money safe.  All background checks are conducted by former FBI or CIA agents.

Once payment has been received, you will receive an overview of the process and timeline.

Cost: minimum 4 hours @US$350/hr and US$10,000 per private placement program

Hyper Growth

How to Connect to Customers, Employees in New Ways

In his inaugural book, Taimour Zaman gives you seven creative strategies to capture your next customer, partner or investor.

“When it comes to results driven marketing that hit the bottom line, Taimour is a subject matter expert. If you want to build growth in your business, I recommend you give his marketing strategies and tools a try.”
– Peter Ciceri, former CEO of Compaq Canada

Cost: $15.95

Hyper Growth

Bank Swift Codes

Purchase this product in order to get immediate access to over 200 Bank SWIFT message codes.

These codes are used to facilitate cross-border transactions by allowing banks to recognize and communicate with each other through a standardized system. SWIFT message codes allow for the transfer of information and funds securely and efficiently, and are widely used in international transactions such as wire transfers, direct deposit payments, and international payment orders.

Cost: $297

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