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AltFunds Global proudly serves as an exclusive conduit between accredited investors and the cutting-edge capabilities of Prime Trade, a premier algorithmic trading software. Specializing in the nuanced landscapes of global currency and commodity markets, Prime Trade offers a sophisticated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution engineered to empower clients through strategic and dynamic market operations.

AltFunds Global allows clients exclusive access to Prime Trade’s algorithmic solutions, designed to navigate and capitalize on market discrepancies with precision. Prime Trade elevates the trading experience, providing a foundation for potential growth opportunities within a framework of controlled risk parameters and low drawdowns.

Key Offerings through AltFunds Global:

  • AltFunds Global connects clients to Prime Trade’s advanced algorithms and traders through a seamless and secure platform. These algorithms are tailored to identify and leverage opportunities in global currency and commodity markets.
  • Strategic Growth Potential within a Managed Risk Framework: Clients can explore growth potential through strategies informed by diverse market conditions facilitated by a framework that manages risk exposure.
  • Controlled Risk Management: Partnering with AltFunds Global for access to Prime Trade ensures that investors can navigate the markets within predefined risk parameters, prioritizing a balanced and informed trading approach.

Illustrative Scenario

Emma, an accredited investor, sought new opportunities beyond her diversified portfolio. She turned to Prime Trade, where advanced algorithms navigate market trends in currency and commodities efficiently.

Depositing $250,000 in Prime Trade, Emma engaged with its precise operations on the regulated TMGM platform. Her deposit mirrored Prime Trade’s strategies, reflecting a blend of software-driven trading activity.

Over time, Emma’s involvement with Prime Trade deepened her market understanding, contributing to her financial growth and strategic insights.


Here’s a breakdown of the key qualifications:

  • Accredited Investor Recognition: Participants must comply with accredited investor standards according to international financial regulations, ensuring adherence to global standards of financial integrity and exclusivity.
  • Capital Commitment: A minimum deposit of US $100,000 is required to demonstrate the client’s serious intent and financial capability for this venture.
  • Financial Acumen: Demonstrated financial savvy and preparedness for sophisticated algorithmic trading, highlighting the client’s strategic approach to leveraging market opportunities.


  • Strategic Approach to Market Engagement: The program seeks to engage with global financial markets using advanced algorithms, reflecting a strategy developed with performance in mind.
  • Comprehensive Risk Strategies: The program includes measures such as drawdown management and stop-loss mechanisms across servers in key financial hubs, aiming to offer a robust approach to risk management.
  • Enhanced Capital Safeguards: Clients have access to a program where capital protection is a priority. The program features a capital safeguard measure for added security, underscoring its commitment to prioritizing the careful management of funds.

Unique Features

  • Advanced Algorithmic Approach: Utilizes proprietary algorithms to optimize trading performance in real-time.
  • Regulated Partnership: Collaborates with TMGM, ensuring compliance and security under ASIC and FMA regulations.


  • You can start with an in-depth consultation call to explore tailored solutions.
  • Complete all required documentation, including Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and establishing your account with TMGM.
  • Allocate funds to your account and specify your preferences to personalize the algorithmic trading program to your objectives.


Performance-Based Fees:

  • Investments ranging from US $100,000 to US $1 million incur a performance fee of 30%.
  • For investments exceeding US $1 million, this fee is adjusted to a reduced rate of 20%, reflecting our commitment to aligning our success with that of our clients.

Commission to brokers

Brokers are valued partners who recognize and realize potential growth opportunities. As a token of appreciation for your integral role:

  • Earn a commission of 10% on AltFunds Global’s net gains from direct introductions you facilitate.
  • Upon successfully executing a joint venture agreement, you will receive a 5% commission on AltFunds Global’s 10% earnings from secondary referrals.


Notice to Prospective AltFunds Global Corp Clients

This website serves as a formal legal disclaimer, defining the operational and legal guidelines under which AltFunds Global Corp engages with its esteemed clientele. Our guiding principle is to ensure transparency and clarity, empowering our clients with all necessary information for their financial dealings with us.

Comprehension of Your Financial Engagements

We’d ask all clients to involve their business consultants or legal representatives in transactions actively. This is crucial for a thorough understanding of their engagements’ specific details and implications. AltFunds Global Corp is committed to providing straightforward and precise information to aid in your decision-making process.

Client Financial Obligations

Please remember that the client is responsible for all bank-related charges, legal fees, and tax liabilities incurred during transactions. This clarification is intended to ensure that clients are fully aware of their financial commitments.

Licensing and Compliance

AltFunds Global Corp operates through a registered dealer broker duly licensed under the regulations of the SEC and FINRA. While AltFunds Global Corp is not a licensed dealer broker, we are dedicated to upholding the highest service standards within the confines of the jurisdictions where our digital content is consumed, and our publications are available. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to securities laws across various jurisdictions remains steadfast.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Compliance

AltFunds Global Corp collaborates with licensed dealer brokers and specialized legal firms across different jurisdictions to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and offer top-notch services. This approach allows us to furnish our clients with expert advice and tailored solutions, ensuring compliance with the pertinent laws and regulations.

AltFunds Global Corp’s Dedication

Our goal extends beyond mere transactions; we want you to be a key partner in reaching your business objectives. By harnessing our vast experience, resources, and innovative solutions, AltFunds Global Corp stands ready to assist you in reaching your strategic goals. Our unwavering commitment to compliance, transparency, and exceptional client service establishes us as your partner of choice in the structured financing domain.

AltFunds Global Corp invites you to embark on a journey of financial partnership defined by integrity, expertise, and a deep commitment to your success.

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