About Us

AltFunds Global empowers accredited investors, capital-intensive businesses, and institutional clients with bespoke financial solutions. Our expertise is in harnessing the potential of substantial assets to unlock unique opportunities in capital financing explicitly tailored to the sophisticated needs of our discerning clientele worldwide.

Our team utilizes our vast knowledge, specialized expertise, and extensive assets to assist companies in accessing capital through innovative financial structuring techniques, private placements, and the monetization of bank instruments.

As a reliable credit facilitator, we are dedicated to helping our clients secure large short-term loans while also educating them on little-known financing instruments and credit strategies that can be utilized with traditional financial institutions worldwide.

We are committed to helping you access capital beyond what traditional banks or brokers can offer.

Allow us to partner with you and help you achieve your financial goals.

AltFunds Global

Our Philosophy

We take a different approach to financing than traditional banks and financial services. We evaluate a range of variables that others may choose to overlook. While we are not a bank, we work closely with former banking executives, drawing on their expertise and knowledge to utilize sophisticated funding instruments to facilitate lines of credit and registered or non-recourse loans.

Our mission is to democratize the private financing world, making it more accessible to entrepreneurs and growing companies like yours. Every business deserves access to the financing they need to thrive, and we are committed to providing high-quality financial solutions that help you achieve your goals.


Why Choose Us

  1. From the outset, you will be assigned to a team of experts who will work directly with you to identify all the funding options available to you and help you determine which options you qualify for.

  2. Our team’s extensive knowledge of how to leverage your capital and assets, combined with our experience and capital, enables us to secure lines of credit or loans for our clients or to leverage various funding instruments or private placement programs to help them access the capital they need.

  3. Our extensive network of contacts and tried-and-tested tools, such as private placement programs, sets us apart from other financing firms.

  4. We are proud to offer Bespoke Programs, typically reserved for high-net-worth individuals and large corporations, to growing companies. This is just one example of how we go above and beyond to provide our clients with innovative and customized financial solutions.

  5. Our products and services stand out due to our experience, expertise, transparency, and ability to execute. All our transactions are conducted through trusted law firms, ensuring formal and traceable documentation.

Meet Our Team:

Taimour Zaman

Taimour Zaman

Founder, Chief Capital Strategist / Chief Financing Strategist

Russ Thomas

Russ Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Danford

Kevin Danford

Chief Investigator

Brendan MacDonald

Brendan MacDonald

Chief Technology Officer 

Russ Thomas

Jessica Carmelo

Executive Assistant

A few kind words from people we serve:

Eric Dahan

Taimour distinguishes himself from most by his deep connection to his network and his willingness to help. He is also a master at developing complex financing solutions, no matter the problem, he will likely find a solution. I couldn’t recommend Taimour any more strongly.

E.D. - Sales Manager
Jeffrey Hayzlett

Taimour is a class act. He knows people at the highest levels of business and is focused on making everyone in his circle and those he meets a BIG success.

J.H. - Chairman & CEO
Carlos Ryerson

I have been working with Taimour and his firm for many months and have found him very professional and extremely creative in finding solutions to difficult issues and challenges. It is a pleasure to work with such an energetic individual who continuously adds value to my business.

C.R. - International Lawyer
Mark Rosenblum

I have been a client of Taimour for more than six months, and I have found him to be uniquely creative and talented in structuring just the right type of financial plan to meet our needs.

M.R. - Chairman
Kenneth Dekleva

Taimour is a terrific investor, venture capitalist, and innovator in the business world. He has a unique ability to multi-task in complex business spaces while bringing diverse, talented people together. It has been my pleasure and honour to collaborate with him.

K.D. - Professor
William Lin

It is my pleasure to work with Taimour. Appreciates his involvement and contribution to our current business venture it was great and promising, highly recommend anyone who needs structure finance, project finance, and other funding needs to reach out to Taimour. Well done, partner.

W.L. - CSO & Co-Founder
Michael Scharf

Taimour is the ultimate financial engineer! He knows things that I never encountered as either a commercial banker or an investment banker. I’ve developed a level of trust in him given the way he works with clients and associates.

M.S. - Board Member

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