Managed Buy and Sell Program for Businesses


Need help to secure ample capital from retail banks?

‌AltFunds Global introduces a lifeline to businesses like yours through our Managed Buy-Sell Program of Standby letters of Credit (SBLCs). Partnering with reputable family offices and professional law firms, we pivot your capital journey from constraint to liberation. Imagine accessing vast funds, leveraging the prestige of international banks and family offices, and capitalizing on global financial markets—all while enhancing your liquidity and credibility. This is not just financing; it’s a strategic leap toward securing the capital your ambitious projects demand.


Benefits include:

A Managed Buy-Sell Program of Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) offers several benefits:

  1. Access to Capital: It can provide businesses with capital that might require more than traditional financing methods.
  2. Leverage Prestige Family Offices: Businesses get to work with various reputable family offices, ensuring the credibility and security of the transaction.

  3. Enhanced Liquidity: The program can enhance liquidity by allowing businesses to monetize the SBLC for a higher price at another bank.

  4. Strategic Business Funding: Businesses can use the program to pursue strategic funding opportunities, expand their operations, or enter new markets.
  5. Credibility and Reputation: Working with banks and legal firms can enhance the credibility and reputation of businesses.
  6. Risk Management: Due diligence and working with reputable parties help manage and mitigate the transaction’s risks.


**Important Note:**

Despite these benefits, performing extensive due diligence and understanding all aspects, including the potential risks, before participating in a managed buy and sell program of SBLCs is crucial.

We welcome and encourage all clients to complete their due diligence on AltFunds Global and any financial institutions or law firms we leverage.

Illustrative Case Study

The Capital Breakthrough of a High-Potential Manufacturing Firm

Scenario Overview: Consider the case of a dynamic enterprise in the manufacturing sector—referred to herein as “Atlas Manufacturing” for confidentiality—faced with the challenge of escalating its operations. The firm envisioned a $12 million initiative to innovate its production capabilities but soon found traditional financing methods overly restrictive and cost-prohibitive.

Traditional Financing Woes: Atlas Manufacturing initially pursued conventional funding routes, which resulted in protracted approval times, prohibitive interest rates, and rigid loan structures that constrained their operational flexibility. Traditional bank loans severely limit the scope of their growth strategy.

Transition to Alternative Financing: The turning point for our client, “Atlas Manufacturing,” came when they were introduced to AltFunds Global’s Managed Buy-Sell Program of SBLCs. Through this innovative financing avenue, the firm accessed a network of top-tier banks and an alternative capital procurement method that starkly contrasted their previous experiences with conventional banks.

Comparative Advantages:

  • Capital Freedom: Unlike the stringent borrowing limits set by traditional banks, the SBLC program offered “Atlas Manufacturing” a broader and more accessible capital reach.
  • Cost of Capital: The typically high interest rates that would eat into the company’s revenue were now mitigated by the potential for profit in the buying and selling of SBLCs.
  • Global Banking Networks: Moving beyond local financial institutions, “Atlas Manufacturing” entered the realm of global finance, enhancing its business profile.
  • Operational Liquidity: The SBLC program provided the firm with a level of liquidity that traditional loans couldn’t match, enabling nimble financial maneuvers essential for growth.

The Successful Outcome: Through participation in the SBLC program, “Atlas Manufacturing” (not the entity’s name) strategically placed an SBLC and engaged in savvy trading that brought in capital flows far exceeding their expectations. This strategic financial decision accelerated the rollout of their new production line, fueling early completion and profitability without the shackles of traditional financing.

Conclusion: This illustrative case study underscores the transformative impact of alternative capital solutions on growth-oriented businesses. “Atlas Manufacturing” is a paradigm for firms willing to adopt non-conventional financial instruments to achieve their expansion objectives, showcasing the shift from traditional financing to innovative capital acquisition strategies with AltFunds Global.


  1. Accreditation of Financial Expertise: Entrants must exhibit financial sophistication as defined by being an accredited investor, satisfying criteria such as US SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D, Canada’s NI 45-106, or parallel standards relevant to this agreement. This attests to their adeptness in handling complex investment activities.
  2. Substantial Corporate Net Worth: Your corporation should hold a net worth exceeding $2.1 million, affirming the solidity and sustainability required to engage with large-scale financial instruments.
  3. Strategic Business Planning: Prospective clients are expected to present a well-founded and credible business plan that stipulates a funding requirement of upwards of $10 million, indicating the scope and ambition of your project.
  4. Liquid Assets Availability: This program accommodates accredited investors with businesses seeking funding with minimum liquid assets of $1.3 million USD, with no upper limit, ensuring flexibility to meet your funding needs.
  5. Transactional Readiness: Clients must be ready, willing, and fully prepared to embark upon the transaction, underscoring a commitment to proceed with the necessary financial undertakings.

What’s Unique About Our Service?

  • Surpass Traditional Banking Limits: Access funding amounts by private banks and family offices beyond what retail banks can offer, unlocking new realms of possibility for your business’s growth.
  • Insider Access to Global Banking Dynamics: Gain a rare glimpse into the operations of international financial markets, learning firsthand how banks across the globe collaborate and compete.
  • Strategic Knowledge Advantage: Equip yourself with the insights and understanding necessary to navigate the complex world of global finance with the expertise of a seasoned professional.


  1. Consultation and Accreditation:
    • Initiate your partnership with a strategic consultation call. Verify your status as an accredited investor to ensure compliance with US SEC Rule 501 Reg D, Canada’s NI 45-106, or equivalent standards, confirming a net worth above $2.1 million. Prepare to present a comprehensive business plan targeting funding needs of over $10 million. This foundational step is integral to aligning our objectives and understanding your financial goals.
  2. AFG Paperwork Completion:
    • Following your successful accreditation, we’ll conduct a project risk assessment. Upon approval, AltFunds Global will provide essential documents, including Mutual NDAs, KYC forms, and a Joint Venture Agreement, to formalize our partnership based on mutual transparency and commitment to success.
  3. Family Office Introduction:
    • With the formal documentation signed, we’ll be able to facilitate introductions to our affiliated family offices, setting the stage for the next phase of your financial advancement.
  4. Family Office’s Comprehensive Assessment:
    • Our financial partners will conduct an independent and thorough evaluation of your business to make sure it’s true and the integrity of the proposed venture. This step reinforces the confidence in our collective pursuit of success
  5. Partnership and Account Activation:
    • After due diligence, the bank will invite you to open an account and provide you with a direct contract outlining the next steps. If you choose, deposit insurance can be arranged for an additional fee, adding a layer of security to your investment. The bank will transparently communicate the deposit requirements and timelines for fund allocation and address any queries you may have. The managed buy-sell program will commence once the agreement is made and the paperwork is in order.

Essential Documentation For Us to Get Started

  • Client Information Sheet/Know Your Client (CIS/KYC):
    • Submit AltFunds Global’s CIS/KYC form to review your business background and financial standing comprehensively.
  • Joint Venture Agreement:
    • Sign the Joint Venture Agreement that outlines the terms and scope of our collaboration and investment strategies.
  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvent Agreement (NDA/NCA):
    • Complete the mutual NDA/NCA to safeguard the confidentiality and exclusivity of the partnership and transaction details.


$1.3m USD is the min wiring fees to participate, AFG fee is 20% of proceeds paid upon success.


      Commission to brokers

      If you’re a broker looking to earn commissions we offer a 10% commission of AFG’s 20% profits for direct referrals and 5% commission of AFG’s 20% for any direct referrals that introduce clients when we complete a JV agreement with the client as 50/50 partners. Our commitment to brokers ensures a mutually beneficial relationship.


      Experience efficient and reliable timeline management, with program duration varying from 60 to 360 banking days, ensuring your financial goals are met timely.



      Notice to Prospective AltFunds Global Corp Clients

      This website serves as a formal legal disclaimer, defining the operational and legal guidelines under which AltFunds Global Corp engages with its esteemed clientele. Our guiding principle is to ensure transparency and clarity, empowering our clients with all necessary information for their financial dealings with us.

      Comprehension of Your Financial Engagements

      We’d ask all clients to involve their business consultants or legal representatives in transactions actively. This is crucial for a thorough understanding of their engagements’ specific details and implications. AltFunds Global Corp is committed to providing straightforward and precise information to aid in your decision-making process.

      Client Financial Obligations

      Please remember that the client is responsible for all bank-related charges, legal fees, and tax liabilities incurred during transactions. This clarification is intended to ensure that clients are fully aware of their financial commitments.

      Licensing and Compliance

      AltFunds Global Corp operates through a registered dealer broker duly licensed under the regulations of the SEC and FINRA. While AltFunds Global Corp is not a licensed dealer broker, we are dedicated to upholding the highest service standards within the confines of the jurisdictions where our digital content is consumed, and our publications are available. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to securities laws across various jurisdictions remains steadfast.

      Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Compliance

      AltFunds Global Corp collaborates with licensed dealer brokers and specialized legal firms across different jurisdictions to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and offer top-notch services. This approach allows us to furnish our clients with expert advice and tailored solutions, ensuring compliance with the pertinent laws and regulations.

      AltFunds Global Corp’s Dedication

      Our goal extends beyond mere transactions; we want you to be a key partner in reaching your business objectives. By harnessing our vast experience, resources, and innovative solutions, AltFunds Global Corp stands ready to assist you in reaching your strategic goals. Our unwavering commitment to compliance, transparency, and exceptional client service establishes us as your partner of choice in the structured financing domain.

      AltFunds Global Corp invites you to embark on a journey of financial partnership defined by integrity, expertise, and a deep commitment to your success.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the difference between a private placement program and a managed buy-and-sell program?

      In a managed buy-and-sell program, you participate in a program using a financial instrument like an SBLC for $100 million and monetize it for a profit. For example, you can purchase an SBLC at 61% and sell it to a monetizer at 80% LTV, earning a profit of 19% within a year. This program allows you to deposit capital and earn a profit, even if you don’t have the $100 million required for a private placement program.

      The trader lines up a series of buys and sells of a banking instrument and generates revenue based on the deposit. For instance, with a $100 million deposit, you can earn $40 million per month for eight months, totalling $320 million in revenue. On the other hand, a “genuine” private placement program requires a minimum deposit of $100 million to participate and earn a return, such as 40% per month.

      At AltFunds Global, we have years of experience with these programs and have found that clients with a minimum deposit of $1.3 million USD or more can still benefit from a managed buy-and-sell program instead of a private placement program. Our team of experts can help you determine which program is right for you based on your business goals and financial situation.

      So, whether you’re interested in a managed buy-and-sell program or a private placement program, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about these opportunities and how they can benefit your business.


      Where can I get more information about SBLCs from your organization?

      To learn more about SBLCs from our organization, you can easily access our YouTube channel. Our channel provides informative and detailed videos to help you better understand SBLCs and how they work. You can also find various other helpful resources on our channel, including customer case studies and customer walkthroughs related to SBLCs. So, if you are looking for accurate and reliable information about SBLCs, be sure to check out our YouTube channel today.

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