More than $5m USD


In this unique program, participants are able to retain their funds in a suitable Top 30 bank account in their own name and under their control and potentially custodian control of the law firm only.

The funds are blocked for the term and the private placement provider is able to  facilitate a credit facility based on the deposit. Client funds are never required to move from the nominated account.

An intake officer will work with qualified clients and will provide returns and program descriptions.


Minimum $5M USD.


Funds are secure, we only use approved platforms that have shown past performance over a significant time frame. If the platform doesn’t perform, the client can request to withdraw from the program prior to the agreed termination date.


  1. Participating customers must first schedule a consultation call.
  2. Upon confirmation of the call, the client will receive the initial paperwork.
  3. Following the consultation call, AltFunds Global will offer the following:
    • Asset management agreement.
    > CIS / KYC (Customer information sheet / Know your client).
    • Mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvent agreement (NDA /NCA).
  4. A call is arranged with the law firm and the client
  5. If the client would like to proceed, proof of RWA funds in the correct account is required, then agreements are obtained, which would detail the returns, the frequency, the term and the conditions.
  6. Upon allocation of the funds into the correct clients account an administrative block is then placed over the funds for one year. Which allows the platform to obtain a line of credit against the funds and go into trade.
  7. At the end of the one-year term and all payouts are paid to the client, the funds in the escrow account will be released.


  • CIS / KYC (Customer information sheet / Know your client).
  • Mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvent agreement (NDA /NCA).
  • Irrevocable fee agreement.


  • Upfront $50,000 USD for consulting and legal fees.
  • Upon success 1/2 of the profit share paid to AltFunds Global
  • Upon success 1/2 of the profit share paid to the law firm
  • The Escrow’s law firm will have a separate retainer agreement with the client that will include their fees and terms.

Commission to brokers

Upon success ⅓ of the AFG profit share amount detailed in the agreements with the client.


  • We can often execute a contract in forty-five (45) banking days and payouts generally happen every thirty (30) banking days.
  • Funds need to be cleared in the client’s correct account to release the agreement’s. Intake dates will then be communicated once the minimum of $5M USD has been collected.
  • Each tranche payout will be paid into the paymaster escrow account, and the client can request distribution accordingly.


  • All clients are welcome (and are encouraged to) bring any business consultant or legal counsel to any of their meetings with AltFunds Global
  • The client is fully responsible to cover any bank fees, legal fees, and tax obligations associated with their transaction.
  • Banking days and timelines may fluctuate based on the market & various banking conditions.

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