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Suite 1403, 6A – 170 The Donway West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3C 2E8
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Monday to Friday: 11 am – 5 pm (EST)
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Private Consultation Call

The first step to determine if we are the right partner for you is to book a private, confidential consultation call with one of our associates. During this personalized 1:1 call, we will explore your unique needs and discuss proven strategies and available funding programs that best suit your requirements. You will have the opportunity to speak with one of our senior associates, who will provide you with valuable insights and advice while ensuring that we deliver the highest level of service to you. To schedule your private consultation call, we request a fee of $297, due in advance.

Required Paperwork

To engage in any banking-related activity, we need to know our client’s identity (whether an individual or corporation) and ensure we have all the necessary legal paperwork on file. This is a vital step to protect both you and us and ensure that we comply with all applicable regulations. Once we have agreed to work together, we will send you the applicable documents and invite you to review them (or have your law firm review them for you), sign them, and return them to us. We appreciate your cooperation in providing us with the required paperwork and look forward to working with you.

Our Follow-Up Calls

We provide follow-up calls until a transaction completes, whether it’s related to the same project or a new one. These follow-up calls are considered consultation calls and must be paid for. If we haven’t met in person, a video call via Zoom or Signal is mandatory for all consultation calls. We believe in delivering the highest level of service to our clients and ensuring that all necessary communication and follow-up calls are conducted in a timely and efficient manner.

One Last Word

At AltFunds Global, we take your file seriously and are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity throughout our engagement with you. While the process outlined here may feel rigid or demanding at times, it is designed to establish a foundation of trust, transparency, and our ability to execute effectively. As a team, we have worked with hundreds of clients, and we have found that this process ensures the best outcomes for our clients and enables us to deliver the results you expect. Thank you for choosing AltFunds Global; we look forward to working with you.