Virtual Event Access

Would you like to attend our next virtual event?

ALTFunds Global host regular virtual events, with a wide range of topics that contribute to our company mission:

To help successful businesses leverage exclusive banking programs so that they can fund all their capital needs.

These virtual events are not public –  The only way to receive an invite to these event’s is to be part of our member’s newsletter list. You can do so for free by registering below.

Here are just a few examples of previous virtual events we’ve held, to a regular group of 200-300 attendees.

  • “Alternative and proven funding vehicles for real estate investors”
  • “Private Placement Programs:  How can leveraging $50 million turn into $500 million?”
  • “How FBI Agents help protect your capital and help you avoid fraud”
  • “Discover how leveraging a security law firm can help you”
  • “Exclusive access to our new Small-Cap SBLC Program”