Small Cap Private Placement Program Less than $5m USD


Are you looking for an opportunity to participate in a small cap private placement program?

If so, PPP Trade Pro is a proprietary program that may perfectly fit your organization’s objectives.

PPP Trade Pro is a consulting service that others can’t offer.

PPP Trade Pro offers:

  • Experience in high-yield programs. You get to hear our stories, our failures, and our successes.
  • Background checking services using former FBI or former CIA agents. This service has helped clients save millions of dollars from participating in fraudulent transactions.
  • List reputable securities law firms participating in a private placement program who can accept your funds into their escrow account. All clients will get a confidential contract from the law firm (not AltFunds Global) that will ensure the security of the deposit and provide details of the returns, timelines, and associated fees. 
  • Various tax & asset optimization strategies that the wealthy deploy to protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances. 

It’s important to note that AltFunds Global is only a consulting firm and provides services (just like a law firm does). All clients will get a contract from a registered, licensed dealer broker or a licensed security law firm. We do not take any upfront fees and only get paid upon program success.


Minimum $500,000 USD to $5 million USD.


Funds are secure. If the platform doesn’t perform, the client can request to withdraw funds introduced prior to the agreed termination date.


  1. Participating customers must first schedule a consultation call.
  2. Upon confirmation of the call, the client will receive the initial paperwork.
  3. Following the consultation call, AltFunds Global will offer the following:
    • Joint Venture Agreement Contract
    • CIS / KYC (Customer information sheet / Know your client).
    • Mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvent agreement (NDA /NCA).
  4. A call is arranged between the law firm and the client.
  5. If the client would like to proceed, funds are wired to the escrow account, and then agreements are obtained, which would detail the returns, the frequency, the term and the conditions.
  6. Upon allocation of the money in the escrow account, an administrative block is then placed over the funds for one year, which allows the platform to obtain a line of credit against the funds and go into trade.
  7. The contract will tell the client when the payouts will occur and when the funds will be released.



  • AFG’s proprietary CIS / KYC (Customer information sheet / Know your client).
  • Mutual non-disclosure, non-circumvent agreement (NDA /NCA).
  • Joint Venture Agreement


  • Minimum upfront $50,000 USD for consulting and legal fees. This fee is refundable if we do not go into trade.
  • Upon success, 20% of the profits are shared with AltFunds Global

Commission to brokers

Upon success, ⅓ of the AFG profit share amount detailed in the agreements with the client.


  • Private Placement Trade Platforms (often referred to as PPP or trade) start within forty-five (45) banking days, and payouts generally happen every thirty (30) banking days.
  • Funds need to be cleared in the escrow account to release the agreements. Intake dates will be communicated once a minimum of $5m USD has been syndicated.
  • Each tranche payout will be paid into the paymaster escrow account, and the client can request distribution accordingly.


  • AltFunds Global welcomes and encourages clients to bring their business consultants or legal counsel to all meetings.
  • The client is responsible for covering any associated bank fees, legal fees, and tax obligations related to their transaction.
  • Please note that banking days and timelines may vary depending on the market and banking conditions.

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